Fountaingrove District Winegrowers Association By-Laws

Purpose of Organization:

To promote awareness of the Fountaingrove District AVA and the quality of wines produced from Fountaingrove District grapes.

To support our community of winegrape growers through AVA membership development, advertising and communication and through sponsorship of special events.

Fountaingrove District Winegrowers Association will not promote or assist in sales for
any individual vineyard or winery.

Fountaingrove District Winegrowers Association will not undertake any profit-making


Fountaingrove District Winegrowers Association will establish a Board of 6-8 Directors/Officers who will serve for a 3 year term. The Board will include officer positions of President, Vice President, Treasure and Secretary as well as members-at –large. The initial Board shall be drawn from original Steering Committee Members.

One third of the current Board shall rotate off each year beginning July 1, 2017.


Any winegrape grower with vineyards inside the boundaries of the AVA and any winery located within the AVA is eligible to join the FGDA as a full member. Full members have all rights afforded under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law.

Each full member will have one vote and the right to vote on election of Directors, expenditures of more than $2500 and dissolution of the Association.

Associate Membership:

Any winegrape grower outside the Fountaingrove District AVA, any winery outside the AVA that produces wine from Fountaingrove District AVA grapes, any landowner within the boundaries of the AVA, or members of the restaurant, hospitality or tourism or allied industry is eligible to become an Associate Member. Associate members will not have voting rights.

Membership Year:

Membership year shall run from July 1 to June 30.


Each member or associate member will be required to pay annual dues as determined by the Board of Directors.