Featured – Alpicella Vineyard and Villa


From Alpicella Vineyard and Villa:
Our vineyard is Alpicella Vineyard and Villa, named after the village in Italy where Dan's family lived for generations. We have been the proprietors for the past 27 years. We maintain the best of the old world lifestyle that Italy offers, combined with the terroir of Sonoma county. We are a small family-operated vineyard on 70 acres. We are located above the fog line at 1800 ft. Our soils are of volcanic origins. Our water originates on the property from artesian mineral springs. We organically farm 4 acres of award winning Sangiovese grapes. We also offer for rent a small Villa above the vines.
- Dan Sanchez and Betsy Vannoy

Website: www.alpicella.com

Elevation: 1800 feet
Varieties: Sangiovese

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