Featured – Hidden Ridge Vineyard


Hidden Ridge Vineyard lies between Mount Hood and Diamond Mountain in the Mayacamas mountain range near Pride Mountain Winery and Paloma Vineyards. Elevations range from 900’ – 1700’. Surrounding mountain peaks rise to 2400’ and shelter the 60 acre vineyard giving rise to its name – Hidden Ridge.

Historical Data

164.86 Acre Property purchased in 1991. Property is on a steep mountainside slope of the Mayacamas Mountains within Sonoma County. Soil compostion contains complex alluvium and volcanic shales (volcanic basalt) with sandy clay loam throughout the terraced 60 acre vineyard. Property was engineered and developed by owner over a 6 year period. Vineyard is divided into 21 blocks ranging from an elevation of 900 to 1,700 feet including 20-55% slopes at 1,700 feet. Mountain side exposure on 4 sides provides unique micro-climate conditions well suited to quality grape cultivation. Year 2000 was first year grapes were sold. First wine production occurred in 2001.

Vineyard: Approximately 60 acres totaling 21 blocks
19 blocks approximately 58 Acres Cabernet Sauvignon - Clones 4, 337, 7 and 169
1 block approximately 1 Acre Petit Verdot
1 block approximately 1 Acre Chardonnay

Number of vine per acre: Maximum Density of 1,000 vines per acre – approximately 51,000 vines

E-Mail: teresa@hiddenridgevineyard.com
Website: hiddenridgevineyard.com
Phone: (405) 245-0339

Elevation: 1700 feet
Year Established: 1991
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay